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Q. So, what are these things? Plays or Games or what? (click for answer)

     A. They are Plays. They have a full cast and a full plot all within a full script. In the same way Death Of A Salesman is a play. But just imagine Death of a Salesman as a Murder Mystery.

Q. Is it a theatrical play with a full cast or only a few actors and you hand out parts to the audience? (click for answer)

     A. No. It's a play. You wouldn't go to see Death of a Salesman and expect them to hand you a script when you walked in the theatre. You expect to be entertained, not be the entertainment.

Q. I've seen one these Mysteries at a dinner theater and it involved the audience a whole lot. Are your plays like that? (click for answer)

      A. Our plays involve the audience only to a degree. There is a segment in most of the scripts (those by Lee Mueller) where the audience is invited to question the actors. But beyond that, the actors control the production not the audience.

Q. Would your play be appropriate for a dinner party I am having? (click for answer)

     A.Keep in mind, it's a "Play", not a Game. There are "Mystery Games" which are appropriate for parties. You can find these very easily by Searching the internet or go to Games Page) Since these are Plays and like any other original play, there are royalty fees for public performances.

Q. What are your fees? (click for answer)

     A. The performance rights for any script is 75.00 for the first performance. Each additional performance is 45.00.
So, if you were to perform the play two nights, it would be 120.00.
But wait! There's More! Besides being granted performance rights, you are also allowed to make as many copies of the script as you wish. Also, you may photograph and videotape the show.

Q.What if I want to order but I don't live in the US? (click for answer)

     A. I use Paypal for my secure on line orders and they automatically convert most currencies to US dollars. So if you are paying with Pounds, Euros or whatever, Paypal handles the conversion for you.

Q. Is there a way I can read the script before paying? (click for answer)

     A. Absolutely! Each script page has a "sample" section you can view and read a snippet of the script. If you want to read more you can order a Preview Copy for 12.00  A preview copy contains a good deal of the actual script so you may get a sense of the play and the characters and all that would be involved in performing the play. However, the Preview version does not contain the resolution or ending of the play. You won't be able to know "who-done-it". But most scripts are available in full in paperback and Kindle format on Amazon. Click Here.

Q. Beside preview copies, is there a way to read the whole play? (click for answer)

     A. Yes! Most scripts are available in full in paperback and Kindle format on Amazon. Click Here.

Q. If I purchase a preview copy and then decide to do the play, is it still full price? (click for answer)

Q. We are an Organization or High School and only work with Purchase Orders. Can you do that? (click for answer)

     A. Yes. I work with many High Schools who order with Purchase Orders. You can find details
Clicking here Or you can contact me direct for details at 314-968-7876. I am usually available Monday - Friday from 8:00 to 4:00 CST. The line is answered 24 hours a day and you can leave a message, I will return your call.