Murder Mystery Resources: Games / Parties

Free Form Murder Mystery Party Games  - Unforgettable Murder Mystery party games -Guaranteed! Puts you in the middle of the action. There is no predetermined script to read out, nor do they drip feed your background to you - they don't even know how the game will end. That's up to you.

Mysteries On The Net-  Purchase and Download Murder Mystery party kits! Even if you've never hosted a Murder Mystery dinner or party before, these do-it-yourself kits will guide you step by step through the entire process . Within minutes, you'll have everything you need to take the stress and worry out of your murder mystery party preparations.

Murder Mystery Party Games - Each kit comes complete with full instructions for running a thrilling evening of deceit, treachery and murder. The games include detailed character sheets and any necessary clues and newspapers - everything you need to host an unforgettable evening of Mystery!

Want a killer party? Host a killer murder mystery party anywhere in Australia or around the world! We guarantee a great night or your money back! Have a professional host or get a DIY murder mystery game! Visit Murder Mystery Australia

Playing With Murder Throw a murder mystery party for your next dinner party, fundraiser or corporate event. Just download a script, invite guests, and have a great time!

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