Home Room Of Doom
Setting: Classroom of High School
Cast Total: 7 =  3-males 4-females various extras (zombies)

Strange things are happening in Mrs. Abernathy's High school home room. More than half of her students are absent or late and there's strange chanting sounds coming from the hallway. Student Council President Heather Graves maintains the chants are coming from the creepy janitor Mr Crowley. Heavy metal Doom Core expert Scott insists the chants are are actually spells that will unleash a ancient Carpathian Curse upon the school.

Cody believes the Zombie Apocalypse is about to begin. And Kelsey thinks everyone is overreacting to what is just a flu outbreak or senior prank.

But what about those bizarre zombie-like students appearing in the doorway? Who wants to leave the safety of home room and find out?

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