If you are in search of a Murder Mystery Party Game to host, then Murder Mystery Games Ltd. is the place to plan your party!!
They are based in the United Kingdom, the land where Murder Mysteries came from!

Each kit comes complete with full instructions for running a thrilling evening of deceit, treachery and murder. The games include detailed character sheets and any necessary clues and newspapers - everything you need to host an unforgettable evening of Mystery!

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Murder mystery games available: Click on Title For Details

The Reading Of The Will - for 6 to 8 guests

 The Auction - for 12 to 40 guests

 Farthingay Manor - for 6 guests

The Last Gasp - for 14 to 40 guests

 St. Cakes - for 40 to 200 guests!

 Cudham Riding Club - for 14 to 40 guests and 22 horses!

The Auction banner 300x250 The von Munchen relics are being auctioned off after the "death" of Baroness Audry von Munchen. With no legal heir, everything will go her favourite charity unless a claimant comes forward. What is the truth behind the Baroness' death? Who will buy the von Munchen relics? Find out at The Auction.

The Auction

Farthingay Manor banner 300x250 A 1920s murder mystery. Six people have no idea why they've been invited to Farthingay Manor. They've never met the host Lord Farthing, nor have they met each other. So, what's the deal?

Farthingay Manor

The Last Gasp banner 300x250 George Sweet plans to leave the country before his shady past catches up with him. But before he leave, he is holding one last party for New Years eve of 1899. The guest list is comprised of all the people who have suffered because of him. George plans to use this evening to make up for his past mistakes. Of course, that's the plan.
The Last Gasp

St. Cakes banner 300x250 You are invited to the Founder's Day Celebrations at St. Cakes School. Lesson of the day is a murder mystery and you're in the middle of the action. Do you have enough class to scheme and plot against the other guests? Will you do your Homework and find the murderer?
St. Cakes

Cudham Riding Club banner 300x250 Lady Cudham's death was no accident, but the investigation won't stop the club's members getting on with electing a new chairwoman, buying and selling horses and trying to prevent anyone finding out what they are really up to. Bets are being taken on a race in which all the club members' horses are competing. Apart from making lots of money and not being shamed or arrested, everyone's main aim is to identify the murderer. Unless, of course, they did it.
Cudham Riding Club

The Reading of the Will 300x250 The Duke of Felthorpe has suffered a tragic accident while locked in his bathroom. Was his death as innocent as it seems? And will his last will and testament remain unchallenged? The Reading of the Will is a 'sealed room' murder mystery. When the Duke of Felthorpe is found dead in his bath, everything suggests that his death was accidental. The room was locked from the inside and, to gain entry, the door had to be broken down. So surely no one could have got in there and killed him!
The Reading of the Will

The Final Curtain banner 300x250 Tragedy has struck in the normally quiet world of Littledean Theatre. During a performance of "The Final Curtain", Vincent Royle, the leading actor, has collapsed to the floor dead. It seems Vincent's death is not by natural causes and Scotland Yard believes it was murder!
The Final Curtain

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