Dead 2 Rights
Setting: A Corporate Share Holders Meeting
Cast Total: 12 = 8-males 4-females
Archetypical Corporation is holding its annual meeting. President and CEO Gordon Mullens believes profits are looking up. But shareholder Anne Stratton insists the company is cooking the books and has evidence to prove it! If only they could find someone to hook up the over-head projector.

But before anyone can find assistance, they find the meeting interrupted by the Golden Guild Used Book Club. It seems they have also reserved the meeting space for their literary discussion. Now, if only they could find someone to straighten out this little double-booking mishap.

While the search is on to find another room for the Book Club, Mullens and Anne Stratton are found murdered. Now, if only they could find someone to help solve the mystery.

All age Appropriate -no mature content

Contains a small section of "improvisation / audience interaction"

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Dead 2 Rights Murder Mystery Play book

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