Dead Air a murder mystery comedy play

Setting: A Live Radio Broadcast
Cast Total: 11 =  6-males 5-females
 Live studio Audience = Your Audience

Radio station WEZ-Y established a winning format in the 1950's and has stuck with it ever since. Ever since the 60's, the 70's, the 80's etc. Nothing has changed. Not the music nor the annual "Live Broadcast" hosted by Guy Godfry; 'Your voice in the night.'

This particular Anniversary show proves to be a wee bit different. First of all, rumor has it the station is about to be purchased by a large media conglomerate. Secondly, Guy seems to be having a virtual breakdown on the air. To top it off, the Bunny Bagel Boy collapses right after his live commercial spot and appears to be dead. Or is he?

Will any of this help the ratings? Is anyone listening? Does anyone care? Why am I asking you? Tune in and find out.

All age Appropriate -no mature content

Contains a small section of "improvisation / audience interaction"

"My cast, Crew and I are having so much fun with the show. Thanks for writing such an enjoyable comedy! "

--Chase Wright
Standing Room Only Players
Montello, WI

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