Girls Night Out - Murder Mystery Play
Setting: A Nice Italian Restaurant
Cast Total: 5 = 1-males 4-females
If desired, three minor characters can be played
by the audience members when the murder investigation begins.

Four women, on their way to an evening at the theatre, stop for dinner at the establishment owned by the ex-husband of one of them. Between the salad and entre, he ends up dead.

 Each has a reason to wish him dead; perhaps one did more than wish.  Perhaps it was one of the other guests. Only unwinding the plot will tell which one is the murderer.

Girls' Night out has three different endings depending on which character commits the murder, along with specific, varying clues to be used along the way. This will give multiple performances a new ending to each audience.

(note: the mulitple endings are not determined by audience voting)  At the director's discretion, three audience members can become the minor audience participants in the story, adding additional suspects during the detective's interrogation...  I mean interview.

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