Irritation To A Murder
Setting: Dinner Party in a the Gatewood's Penthouse
Cast Total: 10 =  5-males 5-females
Godfry Gatewood, multi-millionaire and Financial whiz is having a bad day. His wealth management company is under investigation for fraud and it appears he has misplaced millions of dollars of other people's money.

In spite of this, Mrs Gatewood has invited guests to dinner and his daughter Summer wants her dear daddy to meet her new fiance Phillip. His other daughter Autumn has been suspended from boarding school for being too political, anti-social and all around anarchic.

Godfry is under so much pressure, he could just die. Well, in fact, he does. But did this bad day have any play in Gatewood's demise? Did he quietly pass away at his desk or could it be murder? Well, probably. Former detective Nick Dashell, has a few ideas. And a few of these ideas have to do with what happened to Godfry. hash-tag Murder

All age Appropriate -no mature content

Contains a small section of "improvisation / audience interaction"

"I heard many people say that they enjoyed the quick wit, humorous lines and modern references to cell phones, twitter, facebook, etc. I have heard cast and audience members quoting some of the lines. We also financially successful because the royalty price is so reasonable and the costume and set requirements are minimal."
 F. Dunn
North Rose-Wolcott High School
Wolcott, NY

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