MURD-ARRR!!! Pirates Of The Salty Dog - Murder Mystery Comedy Play
Setting: The Salty Dog Seaside Seafood and Steak Restaurant
Cast Total: 7 =  5-males* 2-females
(but 2 characters can be played by same actor)
 *some can be played by females
A tale of "Captain Bigbeard" and his misfit crew of Scallywags!
After years of sailing the Seven Seas, (Doing what Pirates do) Captain Bigbeard decides to set anchor on dry land in an attempt to live a life on the straight and narrow. But with the notorious French Privateer, "The Razor", always hot on his trail.. And a Drunken Pirate that always seems to do the wrong thing... Can Bigbeard and his crew ever truly live a peaceful life?

MURD-ARRR!!! PIRATES OF THE SALTY DOG is the manic tale of a stolen treasure chest, sensational swashbuckling, mayhem, mischief and... MURD-ARRR!!!

 *NOTE:  All resolutions to the murder take place in the final scene of this script.  All audience votes should take place between scenes 3 and 4

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Murd-arrr!! Pirates of the Salty Dog