Murder Me Always A murder Mystery Comedy play
Setting: An Amateur Play production
Cast Total: 11 ( 6-males 5-females )
Audience of the play = Your audience

During a very bad performance of "Murder Me Always" , an actual murder takes place off stage. The Director is shot. The "fake" play comes to a screeching halt and a "real" murder mystery begins.

It seems a "Murder Mystery Murderer" is on the loose and has struck again. Luckily, Detective Joe Mamet, a Raymond Chandler Pulp type gumshoe has staked out the audience and rises to the occasion to begin an investigation. Could it be that one of these very bad actors is really a very bad person?

Will this "real" murder mystery be any better than the fake one? Is art imitating life? Is the play really the thing?
Is this the original play that went wrong?
(Does contain a few innuendos and drinking but there is a "G" rated version available.)

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