Stay As Dead As You Are
Setting: A High School Reunion (can be any year)
Cast Total: 12 = 6-males 6-females
Haldeman High's Class of (whenever) has gathered for their reunion. Everyone is there; Babs and Guy Gleeson-the couple with the most school spirit, Marty "Budman"Budinski - formerly known as "Party-Hearty-Marty", Dick Alantra- former captain of the football, baseball and track teams, Gabrielle "The Fox" Fatelle- formerly every boy's fantasy, now every boy's nightmare, Melven "Wedgie" Wedgewood, former AV guy and chess team president, now president and CEO of a fortune 500 software company, and the mysteriously shy and formerly homely Gertrude Magillicutty. During the festivities Guy Gleeson and Vice Principle Schlepper are assaulted by lawn "Jarts". Luckily, Detective Joe Mamet (who 1st appeared in Murder Me Always) received an anonymous invitation to the reunion. Who would want to hurt happy go lucky Guy Gleeson? Who wouldn't want to cause harm to Vice Principle Schlepper? And finally, who would invite Detective Joe Mamet to the reunion? He didn't even go to school here. Well, fortunately Detective Mamet and his trusty assistant Pinter will begin the investigation into this "injury" mystery and hopefully answer these questions.

* Note about this play - the "mystery" surrounds 2 people who were "injured" by Lawn Jarts. There is no "murder" per se only an Attempted Murder.

Contains a section of "improvisation / audience interaction"

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"Stay As Dead As You Are an evening of laughs twists. The production was a light, almost murder mystery involving outlawed recreation toys, class clowns, high school sweethearts and a twist that left the audience crying in their seats from the nonstop laughter."
by Gregorio Padilla
The Cheraw Chronicle
Cheraw, South Carolina