Wanted Dead or Alive

Setting: A Wild West Saloon
Cast Total: 8  = 4-males 4-females (or 5 Men 3 Women)
The biggest news in the past few years was the hiring of a new school marm. She is as charming as a sauerkraut sandwich with a side of head cheese.

Oh, yeah, there is also a new Doc in this western town. He applied for a job in Tickville but found it was trashed. From there he moved on to Clingon but found it had been wiped clean.
Why? All because of a villain named Black Burt who was leading his gang of henchmen on a swath of destruction through the territory. The circuit riding judge tells the townspeople the cutthroat is heading straight for Our City! Now this could really be a murder mystery about to happen!

The inept sheriff is running around in a panic calling for his mommy, the bartender and waitress are trying to come up with a plan to save the town, and the local cowpoke has appointed himself as Chairman of the “Save OUR City” committee. But, no one can seem to agree on a date to have a meeting. Time is running out! What if Black Burt comes and we all meet our demise????

Who can help us?

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