Rick ArtisAbout Rick Artis 

Rick grew up in the Pacific Northwest and was bitten by the theatre bug when he went, kicking and screaming, into an audition at the insistence of a high school friend. A villain in the one act melodrama, "Bessie the Bandits" "Beautiful Baby" and a major supporting character in a Moliere farce, "Scapina", began a life-long journey across a myriad of stages.

 After moving to South Central Colorado several years ago, Rick co-founded Springs Theatre Company to help fill the dinner theatre niche. With the requisite challenges unique to small town, semi-rural casting issues, Rick began writing scripts to meet the demands of the local populace.

Relatively small cast, family friendly stories are the result. With stories big enough to fill larger venues, cast sizes are tailored to fit within theatres with limited space and resources. Rick continues to produce, direct, and perform in a variety of original shows under StageStruck Production, the production arm of Springs Theatre Company. Looking to the future, StageStruck will look to expand their musical opportunities. A high school student competition, with the prize being performing with Pagosa Swings at one of their Big Band dances, an original musical comedy, and an artist series are all in the near future.

Ricks Plays:  (murder mystery)

Girls Night Out

(Non-Murder Mystery)

Left In The Breeze

Indigo Sapphire