Toby Otero

About Toby Otero

Toby Otero is originally from a small town south of New Orleans, Louisiana called Lafitte. There, he worked a number of different jobs: He worked on a shrimp dock, in a grocery store, in a restaurant, in a pawn shop, at a couple of television stations and on a couple of films. He eventually found himself in the Northeast Louisiana city of Monroe where he now works as a host for a Radio Morning Show. It was in Monroe that he first got his feet wet in the world of THEATRE.

After acting in a number of stage plays and musicals he stumbled upon a Dinner Theatre Troupe that was looking for actors. He auditioned, got a role and was hooked. He found that there was something about the Dinner Shows that set it apart in the world of theatre. The process of acting IN the audience added a level of excitement that he couldn't believe. The audience was at your side, examining your every move and word. If you screwed up, you had to trust the other actors to move the scene in the right direction or the entire show could be ruined and turned into an UNSOLVABLE MYSTERY!

It was Toby's desire to do more Dinner Theatre shows that led him to write his own scripts. But he didn't just want to write scripts that used the same old settings, styles and formulas that are found in a lot of other Dinner Theatre scripts. He wanted the stories to be framed by a world where the actors could play around, lose themselves, and draw an audience in. He wanted the scripts to have a style in its dialogue that was funny, sarcastic and a bit zany. But most importantly, Toby wanted to write what Toby wanted to see. He felt that if he was writing stories that drew him in, an audience would feel the same.

So, check out the scripts from Toby Otero. You might be surprised to find a world in his pages that you have always wanted to visit! A world that your audience will love! And a world that will be a fantastic addition to YOUR Dinner Theatre!


Toby's Plays:

The Science Of Murder
 Murd-arr! Pirates of the Salty Dog
 The Demise Of Dorothy Dingle
 Funkin Dead